2016 Riesling
163 Cases Produced  |  $18.00
"The One and Only"

Every time we visit our favorite Sushi restaurant, Hana, located in Rohnert Park, we always order a dry Riesling. And every time, we talk about the idea of making our own Riesling. In 2016 opportunity knocked when we discovered a very small, privately owned plot of Riesling in Rutherford that was planted almost 50 years ago in 1969. 

We wanted this wine to be a true-to-varietal Riesling for lovers of this grape like us. We allowed the wine to take its time by keeping the fruit at 68 degrees for a cool, long fermentation. We aged the wine in 2-year old French oak for 5 months. It is everything we wanted in a wine.


The following year, we found out the vineyard had been torn out. Such is the way of older white varietals in the Napa Valley. So rather than shed a tear, join us and raise a glass to honor the old-vines and enjoy this never-before, never-again limited Leto Cellars release. 



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